Among the ministry that are very strategic to the life of the church are:

Sons are a heritage form the Lord, Children a reward from him, Like arrows in the hands of a warrior Are sons born in the one's youth With this fact borne in mind, the church ministers from birth to children through the Women Missionary Union during the week days. a separate children section is specially organized for children in a separate building. a trained minister who works with children workers is assigned to this section.
The church has a vibriant youth fellowship. The church believes in the future of her youths and so invests heavily in the lives of her youths. Youth fellowship is a forum where young people male and female enjoy a warm fellowship. They engage in Bible study, discussion of topical issues, prayer meeting and evangelism on regular basis.
This is a church based student organization. It is another youth organization comprising of male and female students in a church setting. The church tries to meet the spiritual, intellectual and social needs of the students in her care.
Men Missionary Union comprises of the Royal Ambassadors, Baptist Young Men and Baptist Men's Fellowship. These men's organization is not only for fellowship but it is a missionary organization meant to engage in mission through prayer, witnessing, giving and visitation to mission fields. The MMU supports the work of the church and denomination.
This is a female missionary organization that organizes functional sunbeam, Girls' Auxiliary, Lydia and Women Missionary Society. it comprises of married women in the church. Its main objective is pursuance of evangelism and mission through mission study, prayer, personal witnessing, giving and execution of mission projects. The WMU undergird the work of the church and Baptist denomination
Music is an essential aspect of worship. The music ministry is completely financed by the church. As at now the church has five choirs rendering classical and special anthems. One of the peculiarities of the music ministry of the church is its continued interest in classical music and congregational hymns aside from special anthems.
The objective of this ministry is to put their words or message into song. It ministers the Gospel through the use of indigenous song.
Drama ministry presents Christian message to audience through drama. at present there are church Drama group and English Drama group.
The church strongly believes in the efficacy of prayer. Indeed it is the strongest spiritual weapon. Monday and Wednesday every week at 6.00 a.m are set apart for prayer meeting. Also every Friday 5.00a.m is also set apart for church wide prayer meeting. The last three days of the month are set apart for prayer and fasting. Moreover, the first day of every month, 5.30a.m is set apart and tagged "Lord prosper my way" It is also a church wide prayer meeting. People outside the church are regular participants. In addition, prayer warriors meet regularly to pray for their personal needs as well as for the progress of the church.
Having been aware of the growing number of its aged members who are no longer able to physically attend church services and programmes, the church has in the recent times intensified its efforts in organizing Sunday School, and home worship services for its aged members.
Widow's ministry is geard particularly towards the females who have lost their spouse by reason of death. The church provides encouragement to them. The church sponsors their attendance at the widow's retreat annually and presents gifts to them periodically particularly at Christmas. Plans are in the pipeline to strengthen the ministry through regular fellowship, Bible study and prayer meetings.
This is taking a whole church to individual homes. It is done on rotational basis among the families that make up the church. It promotes warmth, love and fellowship among church members. It is also a means of outreach to the unchurch people. Currently, the church has thirty-five (35) House fellowship centres. Of a truth, it is home away from home.
In order to minister to the social, physical and spiritual needs of the church members, counseling services are provided freely. Pre-marital counseling is compulsory for would be couples.
The church believes in divine healing. She also believes that medical science is a gift from God. Therefore, it makes provision for "First Aid" to stem the aggravation of sudden or unexpected attack of illness during services and programmes of the church.
In order to grow in Christ likeness and get matured in faith, the church takes seriously Sunday School which takes place at 9.00am every Sunday, Church Training Programme which takes place at 5.00p.m every Sunday and Bible Study which takes place at 5.00p.m every Thursday. Besides, this church engages in denominational programmes such as Annual Bible Study, Life commitment programme, Vacation Bible study etcetera.
The church does not only seek for the conversion of souls. It tries to disciple them to become mature, responsible and fruit bearing Christians to the glory of God. Discipleship materials like follow the master, Serve the Master, Master Life etcetera are being used.
The existence of church school is as old as the church itself. With the establishment of the church on September 30, 1855 by Reverend Thomas Jefferson Bowen, his wife, Laurenna opened a day school now Osupa Baptist Day School on October 1, 1855. (That was a century exactly before the introduction of free compulsory primary Education in the Old Western Region). In 1934, United Baptist Day School, Okelerin was opened. In 1945 First Baptist Church, Okelerin started her own school. When Government took over the administration of the school, the church started another school called Religious Education class in January 1962. it is probably the oldest private school in Ogbomoso as at now. It has metamorphosed to Okelerin Baptist Nursery and Primary school.
With the growing need of provision for qualitative secondary education, The First Baptist Church Okelerin opened its secondary school known as Premier Baptist Academy on September 24, 2007. It is both day and boarding. It is co-educational. The school is located at Pakiotan Estate off Ogbomoso - Ilorin Express Way.
It is a media preaching ministry of the church through Radio Station and Social Media