The Word of our Lord Jesus Christ is coming expressly to you again. One of the greatest gifts God gives His beloved to keep them on top of situations and challenges of life is peace. The word peace in Hebrew is shalom but in Greek, it’s eirene. Peace means a supernatural calmness and composure that only God can release. This kind of peace can never fail. It’s beyond human explanation. It’s only available to those who are in Christ and daily lives in Him.


You Can Be Unbeatable

This kind of peace is not an illusion. One of those who enjoyed this peace is David in 1 Samuel 17.  For 40 days Goliath’s words troubled King Saul and the Army of Israel. But when David got to the battle as a visitor, he heard the same words of Goliath. But he was never jittery or afraid. He responded by declaring an end to the era of Goliath. He courageously confronted Goliath and killed him and brought great victory to the nation of Israel.

When you have this peace, you will not only be unshakable but you will generate outstanding solutions to problems around you. This peace makes you a blessing to your world. It makes you more creative.

Jesus asked His disciples to ‘be of good cheer’ because He has overcome the world. The Greek word translated ‘to be of good cheer’ is tharseo. It refers to ‘God bolstering the believer, empowering them with a bold inner-attitude’.  It also means: Be of good courage. Brace up. Cheer up. Manifest God’s strength in You. Live out a Holy Spirit-produced inner confidence, in-birthed conviction, and infused courage.

This is how God wants you to live amidst all challenges of life. You should cheer up because Jesus has overcome the world. That’s the right mentality you need. Stop paying undue attention to your challenges. You see, when you make your challenge important, you make yourself impotent to handle them.

Rise up. Cheer up. Man up. Victory is yours. Birds do fly despite the law of gravity. Despite water waves, fish will swim. I see you emerge better, bigger, and brighter amidst the socio-economic disorders in the world.


Rev Dr Victor O. Oyelowo
Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church, Oke’lerin,
Ogbomoso, Nigeria.
(c) 2020